Sales Capability Development Senior Manager

Aug 24, 2017 03:18 pm

Banglalink Company Name: Banglalink

Job Title: Sales Capability Development Senior Manager

Job Type: Full Time

Job Category: IT & Telecommunication

Deadline: 30 Aug,2017

Educational Qualification:

Business Graduate



Minimum 7-8 years’ total experience with 4-5 years’ relevant experience in Telecom Sales & Distribution.



Required Knowledge & Skills

Advanced facilitation skills and passion for delivering training programs
Understanding of Telecom Sales & Distribution process
In-depth insight into market and firm’s Trade Marketing capability
In-depth knowledge of Channel Management
In-depth knowledge of Sales Management
Complete understanding of Retail Management


Other Opportunities:

Department/Division/Job Location
Commercial, Dhaka


Instruction :

Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Apply Online

Candidates who do not meet the education, experience and other attributes will NOT be considered.


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Job Detail:

Sales Capability Development Senior Manager 

Major Responsibilities

Identify needs, design training modules and facilitate learning solutions to enable the Sales organization to develop and continuously improve business performance.
Diagnose individual and team competence gaps across the Sales function to assess quality of Sales talent pool & promote targeted learning and development initiatives.
Prepare and implement the functional training plan.
Conduct periodic/quarterly assessment of sales team’s achievements and identify areas for further improvement
Develop solution to address identified issues and provide training on the same.
Gather ideas and seek opportunities for continuous improvement in the development of world class sales capabilities.
Develop different KPIs for sales teams for measuring and analysing the effectiveness and market reach of current sales force
Explore different local and international market trend to develop new and innovative sale techniques catering to BL’s target markets.
Work closely with the B2C Leadership Team in identification of the talent criteria and skill set in building the required Sales competencies for the organization.
Participate in the formulation of appropriate Sales organisation structure and its implementation that will ensure delivery of the Sales strategy.
Build strong relationship with local and group training community to share and update the key developments in the area of Sales skill management.