May 12, 2017 02:32 pm





Clinton or Trump? America decides
Millions of Americans vote to decide whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the nation's 45th president.

America headed to the polls on Tuesday to elect its 45th president, the culmination of a race between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump and one of the most divisive election cycles in US history.

In a kick-off midnight vote, the residents of tiny Dixville Notch in New Hampshire cast their traditional first-in-nation ballots with a total of eight votes - Clinton getting four and Trump two.

No full results or exit polls will be available before polling stations begin to close on the US East Coast from 7pm local time (00:00 GMT on Wednesday), and it may be three or more hours after that before the direction of the race becomes clear.

In Virginia horse country, balmy south Florida, and busy Manhattan long lines snaked into the streets outside voting stations.

Both candidates have cast their ballots in New York alongside their spouses.