11 Things

Aug 26, 2015 11:46 pm

11 Things

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11 Things A Girl Experiences When Her Elder Sister Gets Married


For any girl, having an elder sister is one of the most amazing things of her life. Not only does she become her first friend, but also remains her best friend for life. And, when it is time for this best friend of hers to get married, there are a lot of things that surround her mind. As she wants her sister to have the most beautiful wedding ever, she undergoes almost all the emotions, like happiness, excitement, nervousness, and a lot more!

Well, all our pretty ladies, who have an elder sister, would surely agree with all this. And, if you are yet to hear the wedding bells ringing for your darling sister, then let us take you through a few things that you will experience as soon as you will hear the same.

#1. My best friend is moving out

Even though you feel really very happy to see your sister entering a beautiful phase of her life, deep down inside, you get slightly sad to see your best friend moving out. The thought that you will not be able to see her at home at any hour of the day is something, which makes you sad amid all the celebrations and happiness.

#2. I get the room and her closet to myself

Keeping the sad feelings aside, you cannot wait to have the entire room to yourself. And not to forget, the tons of clothes, shoes and accessories, which she leaves behind. Well, a bigger wardrobe is definitely a cool thing to have to fit all that extra stuff, right?

#3. It's shopping time

It goes without saying that the main attraction after the bride at all the wedding functions is her sister. Oh, and that is you! The excitement of going shopping for the perfect outfit, booking parlour appointments, etc., for the wedding day, gets you charged up and highly excited.

#4. Who will cover for me when she is gone?

Remember all those times when you did something wrong, and your elder sister covered up for you in front of your parents? Well, she won’t be there anymore to do that for you. And, this thought definitely will bother you even before she leaves home.

#5. I need to plan a strategy for the joota chupai

Being the head of one of the most important tasks of wedding, you along with your other cousins and friends, chalk out different strategies to make the joota chupai a success.

#6. I will finally get to enjoy the jija-saali relationship

You always enjoyed it in Hum Aapke Hain Koun, and waited to experience it in real as well. Well, the time is finally here, when you get your own jiju and get to enjoy the ever famous- jija saali ka rishta!

#7. I am going to get awesome gifts

While you were spoilt only by your sister till now as she gifted you a lot of expensive things, now there is another person in your life to spoil you in the same manner. And, in no time, you just start making the list of gifts you want from your jiju. And, did we miss the gold, or even better, diamond kalichdi (ring gifted by the groom to his sister-in-law) you get from him?

#8. Am I next?

If you too have reached the ‘so-called marriageable age’, you will definitely be bombarded with the comment- tera number agla hai, from all your relatives at the wedding. So, be prepared girls!

#9. Planning and rehearsing for the sangeet ceremony

Selecting the best wedding songs and rehearsing some killer moves with all your cousins and friends becomes the most important thing of your life. After all, you are the representative of the bride’s side and you cannot afford to go wrong. Aren’t we right?

#10. Getting at least a few marriage proposals

And, once your sister is done, your parents start getting marriage proposals for you the very next day of the wedding from around the globe. Even though you might not be ready to get married, but you might secretly enjoy that attention.

#11. Imagining life after she will be gone

No matter how much you try to keep yourself busy and involved in the preparation, the thought of not seeing her at home the very next day after wedding and being bossed around by her will surely come to your mind time and again. And of course, it will be a very good feeling.